If you are looking to sell your excess electronic components , look no further than Benex as the buyer! We buy any and all obsolete, inactive, excess, end of job, canceled job, end of life inventory that is no longer being used and wasting valuable space. This includes non-cancel and non-return parts, full or broken packages, full or partial reels, and small as well as large quantities.

While we buy only new and unused components, we have the experience and capability to handle your scrap boards, wire, etc. Please ask! Benex can buy your excess outright...or some customers prefer consignment. We are moldable to your needs.

We would love to hear from you and begin building our connection. If you need a reliable company to source parts or are simply looking to sell your excess inventory, we at Benex pride ourselves on answering all requests and/or lists quickly. Whether it's a 'Yes I found it!' a 'Sorry I cannot find this one' or a 'Wow great excess list' we are here and ready to give you the answers you need when you need them!

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