Welcome to Benex

Benex is a woman owned independent stocking distributor/broker for all varieties of electronic components. If you are having trouble finding the parts you need, tired of dealing with long lead times or high minimum requirements (po or quantity mins), Benex is the answer to filling your product needs quickly and professionally.

We specialize in selling hard-to-find, obsolete, and allocated parts at the best prices.

Our Company

Whatever your sourcing needs may be—connectors, IC's, transistors, relays, diodes, caps, or resistors (and more)—Benex stocks, has access to, or will try hard to find virtually any/every type of active and/or passive electronic component.

Benex can also supply 'regular' distribution products. We have built awesome relationships (and pricing) with select franchised distributors. This widens our variety and ability to purchase for you! We'd love Benex to be your first call when sourcing these parts as well.